We are Women in Technology to support Women who are in Technology or want to be in Technology. The name Women Hackathon says it all, we love technology and we hack the way to bridge the gender gap in technology and technical skill development. No matter from which cultural, financial or geographical background you are from with the help of Govt. Of Kerala IT Department, we the Women from ICFOSS as well as the technical experts from the Free Software community are here to help you to pursue your career dreams and we can guide you to attain the technical skills you need to achieve your goal. As the initial step towards getting more women into technology we create awareness among college students who are already in Technical education. As the recent researches have revealed, the interest in getting formal Technical education is not shown by the female students to attain any technical knowledge out of the syllabus like OS installation or different technologies for application development.

We conduct 2 day hackathon sessions at colleges for girls to develop such skills for self and career development. We also give an opportunity to students who show special interest in different FOSS technologies to participate in our 3 day residential program to improve their technical as well as leadership skills. The need to continue nurturing their technical skills and to continue in the technical field is conveyed to them. So is the case of the female participation in Free Software development too. We are here to inform women about different FOSS communities and to improve their participation in FOSS contributions. This is also an amazing career opportunity as you can be an advocate for FOSS as well as Women who wish to stay in Technology, to encourage them to do so